Welcome to the Charleston Auto Parts, Inc. website. We are a multi-faceted auto parts distribution center located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have many stores in the Southern Nevada, Southern Utah & Northern Arizona areas to service your needs.

About Us

    Charleston Auto Parts is a family-owned company with our main headquarters located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Ivan and Helen Cannon started the company over 50 years ago and they are still active in it today. Both Ivan and Helen were born and raised in Southern Utah and their sons and daughters all work within the organization. Their eldest son, Ron, is the president of the company, and he attended Dixie College and graduated from Brigham Young University. We have affiliated ourselves with two organizations that we feel are not only the leaders in the automotive aftermarket industry today, but also are the most concerned with the automotive repair industry and its success. They are CARQUEST and World Pac. Through both of these entities, we are able to offer you products that have coast-to-coast warranty protection, but even more important, they are manufactured by the most recognized names in the industry today. With their products designed to meet form, fit, and function, this association will make your task easier, save you time, and increase your profitability which makes for greater customer satisfaction. Since we are a mature company, we realize our customers and our employees are our two greatest assets and are responsible for our success. As a family-owned company (and so not answerable to shareholders), we feel our customers are more like our partners. We hope that you will allow our sales representatives to show you what we feel are the most innovative ideas in our business today, which are designed to enhance your business more profitably and easily. Please feel free to contact us directly at any time for any reason. Your concerns are our concerns and, we look forward to meeting your needs in the future.

Carquest Products

    We are one the 40 Carquest distribution centers in North America. CARQUEST is committed to providing the finest quality parts in the automotive aftermarket. All of the parts in the CARQUEST-brand line are produced to exacting standards of performance and dependability, by the best manufacturer in the industry, to meet or exceed OEM specifications. CARQUEST is committed to the three-step distribution process: moving the product from the manufacturer, to the distribution center, to the CARQUEST Auto Parts Store, for final distribution to automotive technicians and do-it-yourselfers across the country.

Axalta Coating Systems

    Axalta Coating Systems, a recognized industry leader, has been providing Coating Solutions That Work for over 80 years, and offers a premium, proven line of polyurethane, epoxies and alkyds. Designed for use for a wide array of industrial, commercial and institutional facilities and equipment, these easy to apply products can be used in tough environments and on difficult surface conditions. Axalta Coating Systems are available in convenient factory packaged colors or can be mixed to match any solid color.